GINU Trading Reenabled

Green Shiba
3 min readJun 15, 2021


Dear Green Shiba Inu community,

$GINUX, the new token of the Green Shiba Inu ecosystem, whose token migration from GINU to GINUX and token swap was conducted on the 10th of June 2021, has been trading for a period of 5 days.
As of now, GINUX has +11k holders and our development team is working relentlessly on it.

The main reason for the GINU to GINUX swap was to be able to provide a new protocol featuring Frictionless Yield Generation System + Automatic LP acquisition + Automatic Token Burnings on every transaction, as well as lowering the entry barrier of holding GINUX, thus facilitating the growth of the Green Shiba Inu ecosystem.

The Green Shiba Inu team informed about the Token Token Migration (GINU > GINUX) & Swap with Redenomination plan 10,000:1 on its official communication channels (Twitter [ ], Medium [ @greenshibacoin ] and in Telegram) days ahead of the snapshot.

The Snapshot was made 5 minutes after our tweet (13:05pm GMT 10th June 2021) informing about the Snapshot to migrate $GINU to $GINUX was coming, and in which we remarked and enquired everyone not to open new GINU trades.

Every holder (+9,000) and Liquidity Providers of GINU-BNB got their GINUX automatically and successfully swapped in 1 hour time on the 10th June, without any further action required from any holder and LPs.

Likewise, we have conducted an automatic GINU to GINUX swap for those who were Staking (GINU to GINU) and Farming GINU (GINU-BNB BLP) in BakerySwap on 14th June, hence completing definitely the GINU to GINUX swap to Holders + LP providers + Stakers + Farmers.

No more GINU to GINUX swaps are to be executed since everyone who had GINU prior to the snapshot got his/her GINUX tokens swapped at a 10,000:1 ratio.

Despite our many warnings, part of the community continued to trade GINU after the snapshot time. Irrespective of whether this happened due to lack of awareness from a small part of our community members of our multiple messages sent days ahead, or because some found GINU was a good trading opportunity after the swap, they continued to trade it irresponsibly until trading was halted. The halt on the trading was executed after the many requests we got from our community asking to stop it so that newcomers would only trade the new token (GINUX) and not the deprecated one (GINU).

We stated clearly GINU was a deprecated token and no longer supported by the Green Shiba Inu team many a time, and it continues and will continue to be so.

However, we have heard the comments from our community and have decided to reenable trading for GINU so they can get rid of it or any latecomers to manage the liquidity left on it. GINU Trading is resumed.

Take note of the following points:

- GINU is no longer supported by the Green Shiba Inu team
- GINU will not have any development any longer
- GINU price will depend exclusively on the residual market demand
- The Green Shiba Inu team requests all the community members not to buy GINU anymore given the reasons above
- GINUX is and will always continue to be the official and definitive token of Green Shiba Inu, with active development and support

We, for one, hope this gratifies the whole community and we all can make an effort to look ahead and continue with the development and news for GINUX.



Green Shiba

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