Green Shiba Inu Roadmap 2021

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5 min readJun 3, 2021


The Green Shiba Inu development team is pleased to announce our 2021 Roadmap!

Green Shiba Inu Roadmap 2021
Green Shiba Inu Roadmap 2021

It’s been a fortnight since the GINU token was launched, signaling the beginning of the environmentally friendly project par excellence on the BSc: The Green Shiba Inu.

Throughout these past two weeks we have accomplished a few milestones:

1) ✅ Being listed on BakerySwap

2) ✅ Being listed on CoinMarketCal

3) ✅ Being listed on Coingecko

4) ✅ LP added on PancakeSwap

5) ✅ Farming + Staking Campaigns on BakerySwap with +100% APY returns and +275M GINU staked

6) ✅ Locked wallets for 12 months for the celebrities and public figures that support the protection of our environment

7) ✅ Burned 10M GINU from the LP as part of the Fair Launch campaign

8) ✅ Buyback program using the LP funds

9) ✅ Strategic partnership with $DOGGY

10) ✅ Multiple airdrop campaigns for the $GINU community

… And much more!

While crypto markets have witnessed dramatic fluctuations due to Bitcoin instability throughout May 2021, the Green Shiba Inu project has steered his own way, with its social media growing by leaps and bounds: Green Shiba Inu has reached 20,000 followers in Twitter and both the Community Discussion Group and Announcement channel are experiencing a parallel increase.

Addresses wise, GINU is well above 8,000 wallets at the time of writing this Roadmap.

After this frenetic start and weighing up the requests from our community, we have decided to bring all the ideas shared by the community together and shape this Roadmap for the rest of 2021 making Green Shiba Inu evolve towards a V2 GINU model.

Without further ado, here you have the GINU Roadmap for 2021:

[PHASE 1: Q2 2021]

Target: Make Green Shiba Inu become a deflationary token with a rewarding system to holders


GINU will conduct a token swap before the end of Q2 in order to fulfill the Roadmap 2021 requirements.

The price of the new GINU token will be decreased at a rate of 10,000:1, whereas the supply will be increased from 540,000,000 (1B GINU tokens — 10M GINU from LP tokens burned on 22th May — 450M to be burned before end of Q2) to 5,400,000,000,000 (5.4T GINU).

The token swap date and further details will be announced soon.


The token swap to be conducted in GINU before the end of Q2 will also introduce a deflationary and rewarding mechanism.

Specifically, the new GINU token will entail Redistribution through a Frictionless Yield Generation System + Automatic LP acquisition + Automatic Token Burnings, to be split as follows:

  • 8% to 2% fee of every transaction will be paid out to existing holders (redistribution).
  • 2% up to 8% fee of every transaction will be burned, thus leading to a deflationary system.
    Note: the sum of the redistribution to holders + burnt in every transaction is always = 8%, and it is variable over time.
  • 2% fee of every transaction will be used to add liquidity to GINU on the DEX: A 1% will be sold into BNB by the contract, and the other 1% of GINU will be automatically paired with the BNB sold by the contract and added as liquidity on the DEX.

The farming campaign will continue with the rest of the 40M GINU tokens at a later strage yet to be announced.


Currently, a whopping 49% of the supply was initially locked in BakerySwap for farming campaigns. The rate of distribution of GINU is low so as to reach the 50% of the supply neither short or mid-term.

We have decided to periodically burn a 450M out of the 490M GINU which was originally aimed at farming, until the end of Q2, thus decreasing the initial supply by a 45%.

The farming campaign will continue with the rest of the 40M GINU tokens.

This new system will reward holders just by holding, saving them from staking to earn rewards. Fees will be awarded by the smart contract and immediately reflected in the balance of the holders.

[PHASE 2: Q3-Q4 2021]

Target: Expansion and utility


The Green Shiba Inu development team will enable holders to continue earning the staking rewards from the frictionless yield generation while farming in BakerySwap and other third-party sites. After the token swap, the farming campaign will be paused temporarily awaiting the Dual Yield Capability to be implemented straight after before resuming the farming.


Green Shiba Inu will offer the chance for holders to earn 2x rewards by locked-staking GINU for a period of time ranging from 30 to 60 days.


The Green Shiba Inu team has decided that the wisest decision is to put on hold the listing in CEXs given the planned redenomination plan so as to avoid unnecessary troubles for the exchanges to perform the redenomination plan shortly after GINU gets listed.

Nevertheless, we are committed to listing GINU in more exchanges, and a few of them have already been agreed.


A series of limited-edition GINU artwork in the form of NFTs will be launched during Q3. These NFTs, designed by the professional team of artists of the GINU community, will be on sale. With the purchase of any of these NFTs, you will become a donor for a good cause: the 90% will be dedicated to a non-profit organization (yet to be decided) and the other 10% will go entirely to the designer.


GINU is a BEP20 token. Nevertheless, given our plans to expand GINU in other exchanges, including other DEXs, we should like to deploy a cross-blockchain ERC20 to BEP20 bidirectional bridge.


There are plans to release a new token related to support charity and environmental protection causes during Q3 to holders of GINU and it will be airdropped to GINU holders.


We, the Green Shiba Inu team, will strive ourselves to deliver not only these but more things before the end of the year. Marketing wise we will have some surprises as well, stay tuned.

Last but not least, thanks to the support and feedback from the extraordinary Green Shiba Inu community. Without you, nothing of this would be possible.

About GINU

Green Shiba Inu is a fully decentralized, zero-emission and fairly distributed community-driven token disrupting the meme economy aiming at protecting the environment!

#GoGreenGoGINU. Follow us on our journey!

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