GINUX Protocol Upgrade

Green Shiba
2 min readNov 1, 2021


We listen to the $GINUX community actively, and we take every holder’s feedback seriously. We are aware of some traders’ concerns about the current 10% rewarding fee on every Tx and we have decided to sort it out.

The GINUX protocol has been featuring, since its inception, a 10% fee on every transaction to reward holders, which was mainly used to paying out to existing holders (redistribution) as well as to shape the deflationary model of the protocol with an automatic burning of $GINUX tokens.

With the maturing of $GINUX and the latest surge of trading activity, volume and subsequent increase of transactions, the amount of rewards and burns is increasing by leaps and bounds; by decreasing the fee, holders will still be rewarded with passive incomes in the same way as before: more GINUX transactions and less percentage will grant this stability in rewards.
On the other hand, a decrease of the fee will ensure an easier access to both active traders as well as to newcomers to purchase their first $GINUX tokens.

Therefore, we have decided to upgrade the protocol by decreasing the 10% to a 3% rewarding fee on every transaction, as noted below:

- A: Up to 3% fee of every transaction is paid out to existing holders (redistribution)
- B: Up to 3% fee of every transaction is burnt (deflationary token)
A and B are variable, and A+B is always equal to 3%

We firmly believe that this decrease will keep the essence of the protocol for it will allow every existing and new holder to trade $GINUX more comfortably while retaining the capability to get paid for every other user transaction in the same way and ratio as before.



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